FOR I HAVE SINNED: A Siobhan Donahue Mystery by J.T. Langdon


Lesbian P.I. Investigates Boston Dyke Slaying!

In a novel as timely as today's headlines, bestselling author J.T Langdon explores new literary territory as Manhattan based private detective Siobhan Donahue returns to Boston to attend the funeral of an old friend and ends up hip deep in both trouble and women in this new erotic thriller of power politics, the church, and city's queer community.

Helen Kramer was the sister Siobhan never had. Felix Kramer was the woman Siobhan always wanted. When Felix asks Siobhan to investigate Helen's death, Siobhan finds herself trying to unravel a mystery that gets seems to get more complicated at every turn. It seems the more she learns, the less she knows, and the more her life is threatened.

The key to understanding Helen's death is in understand her life, and in the process Siobhan discovers more about Helen than she ever wanted to. Helen wasn't the sweet girl she remembered from her childhood growing up in Boston and Siobhan is quickly plunged into a world of drugs and prostitution, where sex sells and everyone seems to be buying.

Complicating matters is her attraction to Felix, something she thought had been put to rest years ago. But being close to Felix again breathes new life into old desires, making a tough case even tougher. Can Siobhan do her job with Felix around? Can she learn the truth about Helen's death and without it costing her life? Can she keep her hands off all the women she meets during her investigation? Find out in this scorching novel from bestselling author J.T. Langdon.

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About the Author

JT Langdon is the author of several erotic lesbian novels including the Lady Davenport's Slave trilogy, Hard Time, and Sisters of Omega Pi. Venus' Fem Erotica Reviews has described her writing as "...intelligent and imaginative prose that will never bore the most well-read connoisseur of lesbian erotica."

She's a Taoist, vegetarian, lover of chocolate, and author of lesbian erotica (which she often and very lovingly refers to as smut or cliterature) and paranormal erotica. She's written a dozen novels (so far!) and have had short stories in several anthologies and magazines (both online and print) including Good Vibes magazine and the recently released Vamps anthology.

Categories Thrill , Attraction , Attraction - Lesbian , Submission - Female Domme - Lesbian
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