FORBIDDEN TRICKS by Alexander Renault


Silver Clitorides Award Winning Gay Male Erotica!

From Alexander Renault, author of the bestselling novel of homoerotic vampires Soul Kiss, comes his first-ever collection. "Brazilian Whisper" explores ethnic differences between gay men. "Full Hunter's Moon" is the author's personal fantasy of an erotic adventure with a local business owner. "Cinema Scrimmage" explores the erotic life of a gay male character who is disabled. "Raven" focuses on relationships between older men and younger guys. "Justice Alone" is a dark tale of erotic revenge. "Shannon's Shadow" won a Silver Clitorides award for best online erotic story. "Brotherhood of the Equator" breaks many cardinal rules of erotica. "The Particle House," the author's personal favorite, focuses on male escapades in a house with an agenda. "Samovar" is a tale of two men who meet in a foreign locale and everything that follows. "Listen, Pandora" is an exploration of sexual tension between two men of different races. Plus other stories. Here is a unique collection of erotic stories no gay man should miss.

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About the Author

The late Alexander Renault was a gay male anthologist who published in multiple genres from pet magazines to feminist newspapers, on philosophical issues from freedom of speech to the intersections of religion and sex, on human subjects from survivors of the Holocaust to popular music’s rock goddesses. Renault described himself as a "tenacious Gemini with penchants for feminism and psychology."

The renowned contemporary poet Antler says Alexander Renault's work shows a "heightened eros awareness." We think you'll agree.

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