FRENCH PEARLS by Simone DeWinter


Scorching Erotic Romance!

Rose Savinelle is in Paris studying to be a nurse in the summer of 1908. In need of money to pay her expenses, Rose reluctantly accepts a job modeling for the artist Dominic Renaud in his private studio. His paintings are very erotic and are for select Parisian clients who enjoy stimulating works of fine art.

At first, Dominic is reluctant to use her because she looks too reserved, even though he is instantly attracted to her. Rose poses nude for him on the divan during their first meeting with simply a flower draped between her open thighs. It both excites and mortifies her. He doesn't think she will be back but she does return.

Thus begins Rose's journey into a world of heightened pleasure and eroticism. Dominic has a love of pearls and he drapes Rose's voluptuous body in rows of the delicate beads. Rose finds herself outrageously turned on as he binds her with pearls and places them in and on her body. He tells her she must comply with his every wish in that matter and Rose obeys.

Before she can help it Rose is ensnared in the Art Nouveau world of turn-of-the-century Paris with all of its excesses, from bondage and spankings to orgies and all forms of sensual indulgence. Though she and Dominic both deny their growing feeling for each other, each has in fact fallen in love. But neither will make a commitment, while their relationship seemingly spirals downhill as each finds her or his way into the arms of others. When Rose leaves Paris disillusioned, all seems lost between the two. However, Dominic is determined to win her back, even if he has to humiliate himself in front of all Paris to do it!

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