FROLICA! – Her Adventures in Bondageland #1 by Steve Adams


Meet Miss Frolica Cage, the most outlandish heroine since Little Annie Fanny!

The sensational internet comic strip is now available as an ebook. You’ve seen it in movies, you’ve read about it in the paperbacks you keep in your bottom drawer… Now the kinky, kooky world of Bondage and Submission comes to you in comic ebook form! Frolica! is the heartwarming saga of your friendly neighborhood submissive: Frolica Cage. She's sexy, funny, good-hearted, trying to make her way in a world that doesn’t quite understand what bondage is all about!

Frolica! What wholesome beauty... what talent... what generous assets! They’ve helped make her one of the most sought-after pinup models of the day. Our girl is the creative genius behind Frollie’s Follies (proud manufacturer of Doktor Lederstrap’s Obsesso-Drops, the Thinking Bra, and the amazing Extendo-matic ESB) and the fearless test pilot for most of their products! Frolica is a natural sub and lives the lifestyle, but she’s nobody’s doormat -- as her Master knows very well! Kind and submissive at all times, she is in truth the dominant character in the strip! The Fabulous Frolica!

Manifesto: Frolica! is racy, off-color fun, SEXY fun… not necessarily always what you’ll want the HR Director to see up on your computer screen at work, but FUN is what it is. Frolica! will never be explicitly pornographic or profane. There’s plenty of that to be found on the internet now. Frolica! will never be a forum for hate or intolerance of groups or ideas. Nor will Frolica! promote violence or coercion (at least not of the unconsenting).

Check out this fabulous first issue of Frolica! today! She’s never left a reader unsatisfied! Illustrated in 50 shades of color!

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About the Author

Steve Adams is a professional book illustrator who has always been in love with the idea of doing comics. His influences include Al Capp, Jack Kirby, and Eric Stanton.

A few years ago, Adams started a comic strip called The Crop for Safeword Magazine, a monthly online publication. He really began to enjoy doing a regular comic strip and now wishes to do more with it, so now... The Crop has become... Frolica!

Frolica now has her own website, and will appear in her own series of saucy, fun collections bound together as ebooks, the first of which you see before you.


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