GETTING NAKED: A Tale of Erotic Submission by Reese Gabriel


Hot New Novel Mixes Romance and Bondage!

Morgan Baines, a beautiful, no-nonsense medical student, runs into financial difficulty and is forced to take a job as a nude model for Nick Tremaine. Tremaine is the handsome owner of Dream Images, a high-class erotic photography studio catering to the fantasies of rich clients. After a steamy test shoot leaves them both hot and bothered, Nick refuses to give Morgan a job, knowing he could never concentrate on his work with her around. But when Morgan signs with a rival photographer, Nick realzes he can't bear the thought of other men seeing her nude, and buys her contract himself. He tells Morgan she can keep the money and doesn't have to pose for anyone, including him.

But, Morgan is too proud to accept charity and insists on posing for him anyway. When Nick poses her in handcuffs, they are both so turned on that they make wild love while she is still in bondage. However, frightened of the intensity of his emotions, Nick again tries to break off the relationship. But Morgan now thinks she knows his true heart and devises a plan she is sure will reveal the depth of their passions for each other. If she is right, theirs may well be a picture perfect union meant to last a lifetime. If she is wrong, they are doomed to a meltdown that will scar them both for the rest of their days. First, however, she has to trick Nick into tying her up!

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Categories Submission - Male Dom - Hetero , Submission , Intoxication - Bondage & BDSM , Intoxication
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