An erotic fantasy romance like no other! In Ghost Dreams Sally Swanson proves that she is a genius at creating touching characters in romantic settings as well as hot scenes of passion!

When Lily Cameron arrives in Scotland, as a television producer with sole responsibility for the production of the movie Ghost Lovers, including the final contract negotiations with the Scottish Trust for permission to shoot at historic Fyvie Castle. Overcoming an awkward introduction to the feminist American, Lord Trenton Sloan, the aristocratic lawyer for the Scottish Trust, insists on being Lily’s professional guide during the day and personal escort at night. As sparks fly between them, Lily discovers that Sloan has laid siege to her heart.

Amidst their impulsive affair, Trenton and Lily have strange sensual dreams about their past and their ancestors’ tragic 16th Century romance -- dreams which quickly decay into grisly nightmares. Neither realizes that Lily's former lover, Alex Shane, is devising a vengeful plan to ruin the lovers’ relationship and thereby reclaim Lily. Unwittingly, their dreams, and the events of their ancestors' lives, condemn Alex, Lily and Trenton to relive the 16th Century's tragic love triangle in which Alexander Seton killed his wife, Lilias Drummond, and her lover, Trenton Burghley. To survive, Lily and Trenton must break their bonds to the past by breaking their bonds to each other, forcing them to choose between life and love.  Madness, betrayal and sizzling lust make this one of the standout paranormal romances of the year!

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About the Author

Sally Swanson says, "When I was twelve, I started to write my life story and realized I needed to live life before launching a writing career. To that end, I've lived in or visited 46 of the 50 states and learned to speak Spanish while living in Mexico City, Costa Rica, and Puerto Rico. If you haven't yet guessed, I love to travel, and while in exotic destinations, I discover strange-yet-true stories, which provide fuel for my latest paranormal romance series, Ghost Lovers. If you like ghosts and steamy sensuality, you will love Ghost Dreams and Ghost Emerald now available in multiple e-book formats."

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