Part two of an erotic fantasy romance like no other! As with the previous book in the series, Sally Swanson proves that she is a genius at creating touching characters in romantic settings as well as hot scenes of passion!

Following the tragic events associated with shooting an episode of the television show Ghost Lovers in Scotland, the show’s former technical director, J.C. Calderon, gets his big break.  However, when Calderon discovers the episode’s location is none other than the San Cristobal fort, morbid terror consumes the Puerto Rican native -- for the Caribbean fortress hides more than just secrets. In San Cristobal’s deepest dungeon, a demonic cult worships an ancient Taíno god, whom J.C. encountered on a teenage dare.

Callous and fearless, Fara Trotter accepts Ghost Lovers’ offer to escape her bloody past.  The former Army linguist built her media reputation as a war correspondent until the Taliban abducted her when they suspected she was undercover C.I.A.  Scarred inside and out, Fara has lost everyone she ever loved. Believing she is cursed, Fara refuses to love again.  With a sexually lyrical voice, she seduces men for her own pleasure and on her own terms. When Fara arrives in Puerto Rico, she selects J.C. for a single night of sizzling lust, with no rules except for one: no questions.  After the disruptive conclusion of their aggressive desire, each is certain they will never see the other again.  However, the following morning Ghost Lovers’ executive producer, Robert Hartz, declares they are both under contract to produce an entire season of pseudo-erotic programs. Fara impulsively purchases an emerald ring, which resonates across time, and through the portal, Fara and J.C. experience the 18th Century seduction of Vivian Dufrense.

The conqueror becomes the conquered, however. when the infamous rake, Lieutenant Felipe Cordova, falls for the virginal Spanish beauty.  Felipe steals Vivian away from her tyrannical uncle -- yet before the newlyweds consummate their marital vows, Captain General Dufrense kills Felipe and sacrifices Vivian to the Taíno god, Maboya. The celestial alignment during Abib’s New Moon requires another sacrifice and the mystical power of Fara’s emerald.  Eduardo Calderon, J.C.’s grandfather, is Maboya’s human servant and selected J.C. as his successor as Maboya’s keeper.  A powerful hypnotist, Eduardo controls those around him, except Fara who is immune.  Using her own hypnotic wiles, Fara escapes the fort’s dungeon.  Logic tells her to leave the island, but she can’t leave J.C. to his unworldly fate.

“This is a really good story — it captures the mood of the paranormal just right, and I like the characters. The dialog is great, too -- print!” Eppie Award winner Teri Thackston, author Perilous Passions.

Cover: Suzannah Safi

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Sally Swanson says, "When I was twelve, I started to write my life story and realized I needed to live life before launching a writing career. To that end, I've lived in or visited 46 of the 50 states and learned to speak Spanish while living in Mexico City, Costa Rica, and Puerto Rico. If you haven't yet guessed, I love to travel, and while in exotic destinations, I discover strange-yet-true stories, which provide fuel for my latest paranormal romance series, Ghost Lovers. If you like ghosts and steamy sensuality, you will love Ghost Dreams and Ghost Emerald now available in multiple e-book formats."

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