GIRLS IN DANGER [A Bette Bricker Lesbian Adventure] by Bo Bleu


Bette Bricker is Back - and She's gotta Save a Lot of Girls in Danger!

This time Bette is back fighting the forces of evil that abduct young women and sell them to sex slavers - and if the young women are grateful to "Brick" afterward, so much the better!

She applies for a job on the inside with the syndicate and soon she is working with them on their slavery operation - but the syndicate has their own plans for Brick, and those plans include shipping her off as a captive with the very next batch of women who are abducted.

It's up to Brick to think of a way to outwit their captors and stage an impossible escape for all the girls in their clutches. But can she, when the local chief of police has sworn revenge on Brick and will stop at nothing to get it!

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Categories Thrill , Attraction , Attraction - Lesbian
Author Page Bo Bleu's Sizzler Editions eBooks

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