GIRLS IN TROUBLE [A Bette Bricker Lesbian Adventure] by Bo Bleu


Move Over Bebo Brinker ... Meet Bette Bricker: A New Lesbian Hero!

Melanie Mackey, quarterback of a college girls' softball team, has come up with a fiendish plan to make herself rich: kidnap the entire team and sell them to international sex traffickers!

Everything is going perfectly with the girls taken prisoner and their future as sex slaves seemingly certain. There is only one thing Melanie hasn't accounted for: Bette Bricker. When Bette's car breaks down in town and Bette's lover Suzette becomes one of the slaves, it is up to Bette to foil the plot rescue everyone from the clutches of the mobsters who have bought them.

But Bette is a very resourceful girl - she has to be - or her next move will be her last!

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Categories Thrill , Attraction , Attraction - Lesbian
Author Page Bo Bleu's Sizzler Editions eBooks

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