GLADIATOR’S TOY [Slave for Hire #4] by Terri Pray


A World where You Can Experience the Extremes of B&D - And be Healed Instantly!

In a future that could be just around the corner, breakthroughs in medical science make it possible to quickly heal almost all injuries. Anyone can act out their fantasies of being beaten, whipped, cut, and pierced - without leaving even a scar. But there are some people whose fantasies of punishing a slave are too intense. That is where Phillipa, a professional slave, comes in. For the right sum, she will act out the most painful and extreme BDSM scenes. But she knows she is risking her life. Someday a customer may go too far, hurt her worse than the best medical science can repair. And her new client may be just that man.

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About the Author

Terri Pray is originally from England but has resided in the USA since 1999 where she now happily lives, loves, works and plays. Terri is happily married to her lover and muse with whom she shares her enthusiasm and practice of the B&D "lifestyle". Her personal experience and understanding of the 'scene' enhances and amplifies her reader's enjoyment of the sexual adventures she devises by infusing her writing with an authenticity rarely found in the genre.
Her work ranges from erotica to horror, fantasy to romance, science fiction to the occasional rant or combinations of several genres.
Sizzler Editions is proud to publish these exciting and entertaining novels and series by the tantalizingly talented Terri Pray.

Categories Submission - Male Dom - Hetero , Submission , Intoxication - Paranormal, Supernatural, SciFi & Fantasy , Intoxication , Hot Flash , HerSelf - Paranormal, SciFi & Fantasy , HerSelf - Bondage, BDSM & Taboo , HerSelf , Encounter - Science Fiction , Encounter , Hot Flash - Paranormal, SciFi & Fantasy , Hot Flash - BDSM
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