GOING DOWN: The Erotic Science Fiction Classic by Jane Gallion


The ultimate tale of voyeurism.

Ever feel like you're being watched? Checked up on? Like somebody knows every single thing you're doing, even in those especially private moments? Like you've got a computer chip in your brain that lets some faceless Power know everything about you -- EVERYTHING? So does Eddy. He's depressed, despondent and very, very low. And very, very horny.

Eddy is not a Good Consumer. Those antisocial feelings are going to cost him. They've already cost him. But wait! Life is about to take a turn for the better. Someone's got her eye on Eddy, someone with a whole new strategy and plans for Eddy's immediate future. A gorgeous, sexy someone, who just happens to have a Friend. Big Brother is going down and life is about to get very exciting for Eddy. There are plenty of dirty goings-on in Going Down.

"Going Down was written by taking the 'do-not' list I'd been given by the publisher and including every one of the smut factory taboos. The book was also intensely political (it was the Nixon years, after all). Needless to say, even though I sold it three times it has never been published, but I consider it some of my best work." --Jane Gallion, when asked about this book in 1990 (taken from Making Our Own Way: Rural West Virginia Women Artists by Harriet Emerson)

"I love her work." --Theodore Sturgeon, author of Godbody.

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