GREEN CARD SLAVE by Rebecca Lash


Angelica is a nineteen-year-old centerfold an with a voracious appetite for sex and a pathological fear of commitment. Seeking additional employment as a runway model, she visits a cosmetic surgeon to consider surgery to reduce her 36-D breasts. Dimitri Katelnikoff, a Russian medical school graduate is interning with a private cosmetic surgery hospital. He refuses to touch Angie's breasts - with a scalpel. However, to complete his internship, he must have a green card, permission for an alien to work in the U.S. He offers to pay off Angie's gambling debts in return for a marriage of convenience which is the only way he can get a green card.

Angie is drawn to the darkly handsome Russian and knows she could easily fall in love with him, thus setting herself up for heartbreak. The bargain she strikes is that she will sleep in Dimitri's house on Saturday nights to satisfy the Immigration Service that the marriage is real, but that there will be no contact between them. The sexual tension between them grows unbearable, especially for Dimitri, as the months pass. Dimitri abducts her and takes her to a farm where he spread-eagles her in a box stall, gives her a soothing massage followed by a thorough whipping, followed by relentless sex. Angie's surrenders body and soul to Dimitri. She begs Dimitri to take her with him to Russia, knowing she cannot live without him. Then she learns his dark and dangerous secret.

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Categories Submission , Submission - Male Dom - Hetero
Author Page Rebecca Lash's Sizzler Editions eBooks

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