GREYWOLF: A Novel of Lycanthropy by Mary DeCarlo



Was the Man She Loved a Lycanthrope?

Altheia moved to New Hampshire to start over, but finds herself the focus of a stalker and turns to her sexy neighbor for help. Michael doesn't want to get involved, but fate has other plans and keeps throwing them together.

He tries to resist the primal attraction. After all, how do you tell the woman you love that you're a shapeshifter ... and a werewolf?

"Greywolf is a highly imaginative novel that combines the best of romance, eroticism and fable in a seamless tapestry. The transformation of human to lupine characteristics is woven so smoothly that it becomes believable even to the skeptic. Complex, yet all the strands are skillfully woven together, the novel has suspense, mystery, animalism, romance, violence and, most of all, eroticism," says E-Vampires.Net News.

The number one erotic horror bestseller!

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