GUARDIAN’S PATH [The Swordmage Cycle Book II] by T. J. Lazier


Fantasy's Horniest, Fightingest Foursome is Back!

Yes, the protagonists of Dragonstone, the best selling erotic fantasy in the tradition of Robert E. Howard and Fritz Leiber, return in an all new contest of swords and sorcery against black magic. Inspired by a vision, the mercenaries Gadwin, a swordmage, and Jaim Medario, along with their cousin Avian Divcarry, a magical law enforcer, and, Lady Nicholettia, a powerful sorceress, head for distant Tardan Doring, the Forbidden City.

Unfortunately love-making and sword-fights slow their progress, as each of the four finds temptation along the way. Meanwhile a gang of ruthless mercenaries seems to be headed for the same destination and dark magic is being prepared to ensure the quartet never reaches their destination. And, if they survive these perils to reach the Forbidden City, they will face even deadlier dangers.

The Swordmage Cycle Vol. II

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Categories Encounter - Fantasy , Encounter
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