HANKY-PANKY by Peter Gardiner


The Autobiography of a Very Amorous Man!

Peter Gardiner was a graziers' son who was expected to follow in his father's footsteps, but he had little taste for things agricultural. Early seduction by a young woman was to put a permanent smile on his face -- and it's never departed. Her name was Zeta and she looked after his sexual education very well for a few glorious weeks...

This book is a jolly good read about the not-so-quiet life of Peter Gardiner; the memoirs of a man who, for the most part, knew from the start what he wanted, how much, where to find it and who to find it with -- and when he wasn't sure what he wanted next, someone was there to take his hand and show him.

The story will take you through his early sexual discoveries at the hands of the ever-adept Zeta, through his adventures at a high-class boarding school -- through getting kicked out and mortifying his family, who send him on to his further adventures in Australia as a young man. You'll see Peter grow up, grow wiser, and build his life in service to an endless pursuit of hanky-panky with some very resourceful women -- each of whom brings the help he needs most at just the right time.

[Formerly published as It's Been A Quiet Life]



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About the Author

Today, Peter Gardiner is in his late sixties. He's semi-retired but still runs a small mail order business in Lightning Ridge N.S.W. In his spare time, he writes a column in the local newspaper while he waits for a new Zeta to arrive for him to pleasure.

Categories Vintage , Scorcher - Getting it On , Scorcher , Victoria - Early Erotic Classics & Historical Fiction 17th Century-1920
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