HARD RIDDEN III: Playing with the Golden Pawn by Merril Morgan


Amy's nightmare begins when she finds her only previous lover in the arms of another girl. Wild with pain and rage, she rushes into the arms of Bucky Sims, a notoriously smug, womanizing bull-rider she's always despised.

Not content to score on a girl everyone told him he'd ever get, Bucky throws her hard toward deep submission in just one life-changing night. Worse yet for the now-vulnerable Amy, her impulsive escape from the brutal cowboy only brings her into the hands of a dangerous Russian mobster, Viktor Triumpski.

Knowing that Amy is the granddaughter of one of the most powerful enemies of the criminal world, Viktor arranges to have her sent off an isolated, unnamed island in the faraway South China Sea. From the start, Amy's disappearance is top news the world over. But when no new news comes to light, she fades from public view. Only after six long months does it become clear that she is being used a sexual toy and political pawn by the planet's most frightening terrorists.

This time, her escape from brutality requires a daring rescue. With Volume III, readers of the Hard Ridden series take a journey from the Old West to the New, and find a new heroine, Amy Amundson, caught in a web of exploitation by new generations of dangerous men.

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Categories Thrill , Submission , Submission - Male Dom - Hetero
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