HARD RIDDEN: The Taking of Sweet Kay Dee by Merril Morgan


An Erotic Bondage Western Novel!

The Story of O meets Deadwood when four reckless buffalo hunters kidnap beautiful Kay Dee. Soon, they are on her like wolves on a motherless buffalo calf. But, the indignities they inflict on her don't break Kay Dee's spirit. Yet, far worse awaits her. For these rapists aren't content to just ravish her and run. Instead, they see a way to profit from the encounter. They know the Montana Territory's most ruthless brothel would pounce at a chance to buy her. So, the hunters set out to train Kay Dee to please men well. But their supposedly well-trained innocent has a surprise or two for them. If no handsome romantic, gun-totting hero shows up to rescue her, she will do it herself. Kay Dee may be down, but she's not out. Instead, she is waiting for her first chance at escape, and revenge! And since the fates help those who help themselves, how far away could that handsome hero be?

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Categories Thrill , Submission - Male Dom - Hetero , Submission
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