HEATHER SCROOGE: A Very Sapphic Fable by J.T. Langdon


Sassy, Sexy, Sapphic Fable!

High-powered Boston attorney and lesbian Heather Scrooge wants nothing to do with Christmas--love or lovers. She would much rather spend the night in her apartment alone going over lengthy case files than celebrate the season with the rest of her women friends. Her love life consists of getting off with a vibrator.

But Heather wasn't always such a cold, distant person. In this naughty retelling of the Christmas classic, the ghost Jenna Marley, Heather's former law partner, reaches out to Heather from beyond the grave to help Heather see the error of her ways and reform before its too late. And Jenna needs a little help from her friends, in the form of three comely female spirits. The sensual dyke of Christmas Past takes Heather on a rollicking journey back in time, revealing crucial moments from her love life that Heather had forgotten. Former loves (and former lusts!) remind Heather just how much she once craved the touch of another woman. From romantic trysts to hot, sweaty passionate encounters, Heather experiences her youthful sexual escapades all over again. Christmas Present is a tough leather dyke who just loves to watch and she takes Heather on a voyeuristic roller coaster ride, showing Heather exactly what she is missing by keeping herself locked up in her apartment all alone.

As an unseen observer, Heather learns a great deal more about the women in her circle than she ever imagined ... their kinks, their appetites. And just when Heather has had enough the dyke of Christmas Yet-To-Come gives her a glimpse of the future, not just her future but the future of those women closest to her. For some it is a wanton future of dominance and submission, punishment and reward, but for others the future is one of meaningless sexual liaisons. Will Heather be moved by what she sees? Will visions of the past, present, and future thaw her icy ... heart? Or will Heather Scrooge spend of the rest of her life in a lonely bed with out a love to keep her warm?

Warm up your own nights with this sizzling new riff on the traditional holiday tale from the author of Hard Time and Lady Davenport's Slave.

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About the Author

JT Langdon is the author of several erotic lesbian novels including the Lady Davenport's Slave trilogy, Hard Time, and Sisters of Omega Pi. Venus' Fem Erotica Reviews has described her writing as "...intelligent and imaginative prose that will never bore the most well-read connoisseur of lesbian erotica."

She's a Taoist, vegetarian, lover of chocolate, and author of lesbian erotica (which she often and very lovingly refers to as smut or cliterature) and paranormal erotica. She's written a dozen novels (so far!) and have had short stories in several anthologies and magazines (both online and print) including Good Vibes magazine and the recently released Vamps anthology.

Categories Encounter , Attraction , Attraction - Lesbian , Encounter - Fantasy , Submission - Female Domme - Lesbian
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