HELLBOUND by Emma Paul


Tricked by Peklenc, the demon of judgment, Marowit must spend eternity judging the souls of the damned and meting out punishments. That is, until he is summoned by a drugged-out mortal for sacrificial reasons and the mortal's daughter catches his eye. Striking a deal with the mortal, Marowit returns to Hell with Isabella, a pure virgin soul.

In an attempt to save her sister's life, Isabella Michaelis makes a deal with a demon to serve him for all eternity if he'll just spare her. Part of her finds the demon Marowit oddly charming and, quite frankly, downright sexy enough to make her wonder about her own sanity, especially once she's in Hell.

Knowing he broke the rules, Marowit's hand is forced to make the woman he brought down to hell fall in love with him, or forever lose her back to normality. Yet truly wicked forces are at play behind the scenes. Can Marowit convince the pure soul to remain in Hell with him or will they find and lose love?

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About the Author

Emma Paul is the alter ego of a happily married, middle aged woman. She has been writing short stories all her life and has finally decided to bring her wild imagination to others.

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Emma's Genres: Romance, Erotic Romance, Paranormal & Fantasy Erotic Romance.

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