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Rod Harding, author of the eBook bestseller Abducted—and Loving It, turns his considerable talents to futuristic bondage. In the year 2099, women are slaves - even sold at pet shops! When Bob comes of age and turns twenty-one, his uncle takes him to the mall to purchase his first woman.Right away Bob begins to put his new possession, "Kitten," through a rigorous slave training course, determined to become her complete master. At first Kitten rebels and runs away and Bob subjects her to the strictest discipline—but she is determined to escape again.

Then suddenly ... could it be? Could master be falling in love with slave? Could slave be falling in love with master?

Rod Harden's books are "the kind you read when you are all alone, convinced you will only take a peek, but soon finding yourself desiring more, hooked on the need of the characters, awakened to your own inner demons." —Michelle Houston, Sensual Romance Reviews

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Categories Submission - Male Dom - Hetero , Submission , Encounter - Fantasy , Encounter
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