HIS DUNGEON by David Jewell


Erica Found She Loved being Prisoner in his Dungeon!

Dr. Joseph Delaney and his wife Dr. Kym Yoshi have doctorates in psychology. They are husband and wife, experts in behavioral modification, and master and mistress of domination. They are deeply in love and open minded. Their office is in reality a dungeon where they provided the kind of hands of therapy that a select few of their clients require. Dr. Delaney decides that normal couples' therapy will not work for Andrew and Erica. Erica is rich and spoiled, and really needs to learn the hard way to give her husband the respect he deserves. Within a week, he has Erica and Andrew involved in a new program of therapy.

He is not surprised that Erica is not as big a fan of the program as is Andrew. But he is determined to convince her otherwise by revealing who she is by stripping away her clothing, her self-centeredness and her dignity to bring her face-to-face with the real submissive woman living inside of her.

An electrifying novel of bondage, domination, and sexual deviation and intensity that will leave the reader breathless and wanting more.

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