HOT PURSUIT by Sabrina Luna


Driving back to her home town for her parents' anniversary, Cassie Meadows speeds into town. Suddenly a cop car pulls up behind her in hot pursuit. To her humiliation, the man is an Adonis in uniform—and her ex-boyfriend, Steve Tanner.

Steve is still in love with Cassie and wants a chance to explain why he broke her heart years ago. Cassie isn't over Steve, either, but she doesn't know whether his sudden reappearance in her life is the unfolding of fate or just the reopening of an old wound. She may not be ready to forgive him, but she can't quite say "no" either—so Steve sets out in a hot pursuit of Cassie neither of them will ever forget!

A sizzling romance from the best-selling author of Full Moon Rising.

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About the Author

Sabrina Luna is an author of paranormal & erotic romances and, recently, became an indie Kindle ebook author, too. She also enjoys haunting bookstores and coffee shops, listening to classic rock, and attending movies and munchies with her fellow geek-peeps.

Categories Scorcher - Romance , Scorcher , Intoxication - Contemporary Romance , Intoxication , HerSelf - Erotic Romance , HerSelf
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