HOT SUMMER NIGHTS by Clarice Clique


Vanessa's sexual adventures were just beginning...

Vanessa is an attractive, intelligent woman who considers herself perfectly ordinary apart from one thing: her boyfriend, Steve, has been her only sexual partner. Though her mind is filled with wild and passionate fantasies, Vanessa assumes they belong only to her imagination—surely such things don't happen in real life?

Unfortunately for at least one of them, Steve and Vanessa decide they need a break from each other—during which Vanessa succumbs to a night of fun with one of her housemates. She turns to Penelope, an old friend, for advice afterward.

Penelope, however, is a rich and successful businesswoman for a reason, and any advice she gives comes at a price. It is ten days until Vanessa’s birthday and Penelope commits to transform Vanessa’s life in that time on the condition that Vanessa submits entirely to Penelope’s rule. Vanessa agrees. Immediately she becomes immersed in a world of fantasy and desire. She’s surrounded by stunning, sexually open people...but it is Penelope’s silent chauffeur that makes her body ache and yearn the most.

At the end of the ten days, Vanessa is a changed woman. Under Penelope’s control she has seduced a stranger, been spanked and tied up, tutored in the arts of giving pleasure and taught how to receive pleasure in new and unexpected ways. She has been the centre of an orgy at one party and a respected Mistress with a slave at another party. On her birthday, Penelope permits her to have sex with the chauffeur. He is everything Vanessa imagined he would be, but—and it isn’t a heartbreaking ‘but’—she realises he is never going to belong to her.

Vanessa returns to Steve with plans for an entirely new kind of relationship—one where she can have the man she loves and still experience the world Penelope has opened up for her. On her thirtieth birthday, Vanessa doesn’t think life can get any better. Except she knows it will; she has accepted Penelope’s invitation to continue living with her. Vanessa’s sexual adventures have just begun.

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