HUMILIATION: Stories of Forced Exhibitionism by T.B. Robertson


Blackmailed, overpowered emotionally, or desperate for money, these women had no choice but to strip off their clothes and display their naked bodies for others to stare at.

Here are five explicit novelettes of domination and submission from the perverse pen of T. B. Robertson. In The Bet, Monica Black is forced to stand in front of a boardroom filled with men wearing only the skimpiest of undergarments, as a step in the process of learning to submit to anything her boss commands.

In All Nude For the First Time, starlet Carolyn Languor finds the only part she can get is in a soft core porn movie, where she’s forced to strip naked and then to have sex with the producers.

In Darla’s Thousand Points, housewife Darla Dane is so crazy for neighbor Aaron's sexual attentions that he decides to force her to earn a thousand points before he will have sex with her. He tells her that she can earn her first thousand points by dressing up in a scanty outfit and then having her picture taken while seated on the laps of a variety of less-than-desirable men in the seedier side of town.

Plus two more sizzling tales of women driven to expose themselves to survive in what is still all too often a man's world.

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