HYPOLLITA: Freedom in Slavery [When Women Rule] by Roger Tristan


Gynocracy Triumphant!

This unique erotic novel, as thought provoking as it is arousing, takes place in the fictional Gynocratic Republic of Hypollita. The protagonist is a man who dreams of submitting to women, but has always been afraid to act on these desires.

Now, having managed to get up the courage to visit the island nation of Hypollita, where males have no choice but to submit, he is extremely conflicted. On the one hand, he's angered by the many punishments and humiliations to which he's subjected. Deep down, however, he knows it's what he's wanted all along.

This inner conflict is heightened by his acquaintance with the kind yet commanding pony boy trainer, Mistress Eliza. Under her control, he goes through a series of experiences that take him deeper and deeper into submission. Finally, he is kidnapped by the incredibly cruel Mistress Adriana and her cohorts, who subject him to a level of slavery far beyond what he's experienced or would ever desire. Once rescued and given back to Mistress Eliza, he realizes what he truly wants: submission based on love, freedom in slavery.

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Categories Submission , Encounter , Encounter - Fantasy , Submission - Female Domme - Hetero
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