I ADORE YOU, MASTER! by David Jewell


She was a Strong Woman but She was Proud to Call him Master!

Master Jack wants to see his two slaves, Cate and Suzi, under the control of a dominant woman. He takes them to Mistress Stella and after she has finished with them, he and Mistress Stella are so hot for each other they go one-on-one between the sheets.

It’s the perfect end to a perfect evening that leaves both of them wanting more: Mistress Stella wanting more of Cate and Suzi and she definitely wants more time with Jack - and Jack wants more of Mistress Stella!

But Master Jack is blown away when this dominant mistress asks to submit to him - but never in his wildest dreams did he think that would happen! Taking charge of this powerful mistress, he orchestrates a mind-blowing orgasm that her leaves breathless and definitely wanting more. Sealing he bargain, he takes control of this powerful, inventive and very beautiful mistress until he owns her!

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Categories Submission - Male Dom - Hetero , Submission
Author Page David Jewell's Sizzler Editions eBooks

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