I AM YOURS, MASTER! [The Master Jack Series 1] by David Jewell


Venturing into the World of BDSM She Experienced a Gran Turismo Orgasm!

Officer Jack Perry thinks he is making a routine traffic stop but when driver Keith Powers suggests that Jack take his girlfriend Loni for "test drive" instead of writing a ticket, Jack decides to take him up on his offer. After having an awesome test drive of unbridled sex with Lonie, Jack find himself curious about what makes the couple tick, and takes Keith up on his offer to take Loni for another test drive. In doing so, he is introduced to the world of the dominance and submission and the system of rewards and punishment that makes Keith and Lonie's relationship so unique and intense.

Jack becomes enamored by the idea of owning a woman like Keith does. Soon Jack discovers that owning a woman who is utterly obedient to his every whim and who enjoys being punished by him produces what he calls "Gran Turismo Orgasms." So Jack enlists Keith's help in training his girlfriend Cate to become the girl of his dreams. Cate is educated, intelligent, athletic and somewhat open to exploring new sexual ideas. As Jack slowly but deliberately increases his dominance, she progressively finds herself becoming more submissive and eager to obey his commands, such as having sex with another woman, enjoying her first threesome and venturing into the world of bondage and discipline.

When she experiences her first Gran Turismo Orgasm, she is more than willing to open herself up to his world of dominance and submission in order to feed her needs for intense and so satisfying sex. In the end, Jack and Cate are filled with joy and the anticipation of continuing their journey of new found commitment to each other as he places his collar around her neck and takes complete ownership of her.

(Previously published as I Am Yours, Master! A Novel of Gran Turismo Orgasms)

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Categories Submission - Male Dom - Hetero , Submission
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