I DESERVE TO BE PUNISHED! [The Adultress, Book 1] by David Jewell


Her Punishments were just Beginning!

In the middle of his graveyard shift, officer Ron Gibbons returns home to get his gym bag for his morning workout and discovers his wife, Samantha, in bed with a well-known attorney. After handcuffing Samantha to the bed, he takes the naked attorney downstairs at gun point, to teach him a lesson or two. Returning, he explains to Samantha that because he can't trust her any more, he'll be take more control of her including everything from what she'll be wearing to work to what kind of sex they will enjoy.

Doing some shopping that day, he introduces his wife that night to a very special pair of latex panties and finally a leather chastity belt to keep her mindful of how upset he is with her adulterous behavior and to impress on her that he now owns her - all of her. Samantha is not happy to say the least. But she accepts her punishment and hopes that things will return to normal in the near future. Little does she realize her punishments are just beginning...

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