Their Slavery was His Revenge!

Steven is hell-bent on turning the two women responsible for the death of his beloved wife into his sex slaves. One woman is made to wear a scanty costume, and then is led to a grocery store where she must let shoppers feel her up while she pretends to be handing out free samples of butter. At this level of her indoctrination she learns to be 'okay' with having strangers fondle her and with giving the grocery store manager oral sex.

The other woman is made to wear a cheerleading outfit and perform a series of seductive cheers in front of a gathering of veterans, until she is laid out on a table to service each of the veterans in the tavern that afternoon. Soon both women have been thoroughly indoctrinated as sex slaves. Another eye-opening novel from the author of Dressed to Submit!

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Categories Submission , Submission - Male Dom - Hetero
Author Page T.B. Robertson's Sizzler Editions eBooks

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