ISLANDS by Richard V. Raiment


Menage, adventure, historical romance, and more. Two straight men shipwrecked alone on an island together for years. What do they do? What else could they do? And then a woman arrives...

The early 1700s Thomas Carton, an English sailor, is shipwrecked in the tropics, his ship destroyed and all lives lost, save his own and one other. That other, Peter Lightfoot, is gay—and thus is the last man alive that Carton or any of his ilk would choose to share his isolation. Peter considers himself a depraved freak rightfully despised by God. Thomas agrees.

Forced by the passage of time and the dictates of circumstance into increasing mutual dependence, what kind of relationship, what level of intimacy, might possibly be arrived at by two such men?

And what happens to that relationship when Fate introduces a desirable woman into the mix?

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Categories Victoria - Early Erotic Classics & Historical Fiction 17th Century-1920 , Vintage , Thrill , Scorcher - Romance , Scorcher , Intoxication - Historical Fiction , Intoxication , Attraction - Bisexual , Attraction
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