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She was a Jenny in a world where  Jennies were not distinguishable from real girls without a geno-scan - which is why the authorities had ordered them marked in the first place. Usually this was achieved with a product code on the side of the neck or on the ear lobe but a few purists preferred a more subtle marking under the arm or behind the knee - but most clients found it arousing to have their pseudo-girls numbered like the livestock they were. A private owner could do as he wished, laser scanning personal designs onto the buttocks, breasts, belly or anywhere else he chose. Some colored the entirety of their unit’s skin and hair, creating freakish, artificial variations of femininit. Public nudity or scant bondage adornment would have been the uniform of the day if most jenny owners had their way.

With the world’s population topping eighty billion, a man’s pseudo-girl had become one of the few ways to express his individuality. What will life be like for the pleasure units of tomorrow, who will be made to submit! A scathing look into the sexual psyche of today through the lens of tomorrow. When you read Jenny's Submission you'll see why Reese Gabriel is a true master of futuristic technorotica!

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