JEWELED EMBERS [The Penhollow Chronicles, Book I] by Christi Riverton


Enter the fabulous, jewelled world of the Born and find fantasy, adventure and romance. The author says of this exciting new series: "I am excited to introduce the reader to the Born world. The Penhollow Chronicles features the Penhollows, a family from two of the Born races; the Soul Born and the Light Born. I hope to introduce the readers to characters that they will love, hate, laugh and cry with. Throughout the series, the readers will be introduced not only to new characters, races and powers, but they will also be re-introduced to characters they already know. With elements of suspense, romance and horror, my goal is to peak the readers interest and keep them waiting for the next story."

Jewelled Embers, the first book of The Penhollow Chronicles, features Ruby Penhollow, a ballerina with a big secret – a secret even she is not privy to. Her life becomes a whirlwind after meeting Merrik Gates, an enticing rock star she cannot seem to resist. Plagued by nightmares since childhood of demons with flaming eyes, she'll soon find herself in a battle for her very life.

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About the Author

Christi Riverton is the author of The Penhollow Chronicles. She was born and raised in Dubuque, Iowa; where she still currently resides. She is happily married and the mother of five children. After many years in management, Christi finally decided on New Year’s Eve of 2011, to chase her dreams and pursue her lifelong love of writing.

Working full-time at the day job she adores, chasing around five children after she gets home in the evening and writing late into the night, make some ask her if she is crazy, her response is often this, “Yes, but if my life were quiet I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.”

Christi believes in learning from the mistakes you make in your past, but never letting them define who you are. She loves to read, sing and spend time with those who are closest to her. She has a passion for everything paranormal. Christi finds religions and myth, both past and present, fascinating. Her Penhollow series reflects her love of these topics, as well as her tendency to wonder, “What if the world was like this?”

She hopes to leave her readers with great memories, traumatic experiences, new characters they will love or hate — and always wanting more.

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