Six Sexy Superheroes - and Superheroines - fight valiantly to save a city against destruction by Major Ruin, a fiendish Supervillain -- but this isn't as hard as their fight against their inner demons and lusts!

Meet Mental Giant, a powerful telepath; Astra Delphiana, an alien cop; Eye Candi, a voluptuous fiery brawler; Plasma-X, a brash, egotistical energy-bolt-flinger; Lavender Mystic, wielding the dark power of an Irish banshee; and Checkered Past, a hero with a deep, dark secret. Seducing each other and those they meet, rescuing the innocent from danger, battling for their lives, they still can't help but finding the Supervillains (and Supervillainesses) they battle incredibly arousing.

These compelling characters and a sizzling storyline make this Christopher Newman's most remarkable erotic tale yet!

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About the Author

Christopher Newman has been a resident of Trumbull County, northeast Ohio, for all of his forty-six years. Currently he resides there with his wife, two sons, their cat Murphy and a rat named Michaeledes.

A lifelong fan of sci-fi, sword-and-sorcery, horror, mystery and erotica, Chris has been avidly reading and writing since he first learned how. He is the author of The Truth about Vampires, its sequel The Rites of the Vampire Cult, and several more unpublished works.

Christopher has an Associate’s degree in Engineering, an expansive and eclectic library, and a deadly collection of medieval weaponry, helms and shields. Woe be to the foolish mortal who tries to invade the Newman home!

Categories Thrill , Encounter , Encounter - Fantasy , Encounter - Science Fiction
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