LADY DAVENPORT’S SLAVE I: The Collaring of Amber by J.T. Langdon


A Contemporary Sapphic Classic!

Lesbian mistress Myra Davenport has gone a long time without a slave, content to take pleasure from her aristocratic circle of friends in and around Boston. Then she sees Amber for sale at auction, a slave, a willing submissive too beautiful for her to ignore. Myra simply has to have this stunning creature. She buys Amber and promptly takes her new plaything home to her estate in New England ... and to the lustful, passionate life that is being Lady Davenport's Slave. With a leather glove as well as a velvet one, Myra trains Amber to serve. She uses all the tools at her disposal, from her stern voice to the feel of her whip. But like any true Mistress, Myra never forgets to dish out equal amounts of pleasure as reward, nor does she ever stop taking as much pleasure as Amber can give her ... which, Myra discovers, is far more intense than she ever imagined. But Amber proves more than just a new plaything for Myra Davenport to show off. The more time Myra spends with Amber, the more enthralled she becomes ... until, the inevitable happens.

Hailed as a contemporary masterpiece of lesbian pulp when it was first published in 1999, Sizzler Editions is proud to present Lady Davenport's Slave, Vol. I - The Collaring of Amber and its sequel, The Claiming of Amber.

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About the Author

JT Langdon is the author of several erotic lesbian novels including the Lady Davenport's Slave trilogy, Hard Time, and Sisters of Omega Pi. Venus' Fem Erotica Reviews has described her writing as "...intelligent and imaginative prose that will never bore the most well-read connoisseur of lesbian erotica."

She's a Taoist, vegetarian, lover of chocolate, and author of lesbian erotica (which she often and very lovingly refers to as smut or cliterature) and paranormal erotica. She's written a dozen novels (so far!) and have had short stories in several anthologies and magazines (both online and print) including Good Vibes magazine and the recently released Vamps anthology.

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