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The second part of Scylla’s steamy trilogy begins where Late Night Confessions, Part I ends – in the small hours of the morning. As the waking world takes to its bed, James and his anonymous companion delve deeper into each other’s most intimate secrets; laying bare, or so it seems, the deepest levels of their erotic fantasies. Lurching between intimacy and titillation, they coax each other towards climax with ever more daring erotic revelations. Both of them have tales to tell, and their confessions, as their friendship grows, are increasingly explicit. According to the anonymous woman, "I’ve never told anyone else before" are six of the sexiest words in the English language. But when your partner in fantasy is a total stranger, can mere words be trusted? Or is a bigger story operating just out of James’s reach?

Late Night Confessions Part II is a thinking person’s erotica of the highest order, revealing that even heterosexual sex is never really "straight" -- and that the most erotic organ is not between the legs, but between the ears. Late Night Confessions is an erotic trilogy, a novel in three parts set over the course of a single eventful night. Sexy, humane, intelligent and revealing, it is an Arabian Nights for the twenty-first century. It is a novel about storytelling, the power of the human voice and what happens when two people talk about sex. To read it is to eavesdrop on the intimacies and fantasies of two seemingly ordinary people and spend a night immersed in someone else’s world, a world that is not always quite what it appears to be. As this intriguing tale unfolds in Late Night Confessions Parts II and III, blazing through the byways of seduction, readers will find themselves following every twist and turn and hoping, like the two protagonists, that it will never end.

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Scylla, a writer of offbeat erotica, has a number of bestselling story collections and novels, including Love Bombs and Short Tales of Exhibitionism, published by Sizzler Editions. He lives in the United Kingdom. If you haven't yet sampled Scylla's intriguing brand of erotica, now is your chance!

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