The Bestselling Erotic Trilogy Reaches a Sizzling Climax!

When James finds himself on his knees and, quite literally, tongue tied it seems he may be in for a lashing. But then, who can predict the tricks the mind can play? And who knows what final twist is waiting for him?

In Late Night Confessions, Part III, the third and final part of Scylla's deviant trawl through the pleasures and dangers of telephonic sex, the approach of dawn raises the stakes for the dirty-talking duo. In the early hours of the morning it is no longer wise to assume that you are safe; not when the figure of your fantasy is stalking the corridors outside your apartment and the voice in your ear is urging you to abandon both your clothes and your caution. A climax is approaching; but will it be trick or treat?

Scylla's delicious trilogy remains gripping to the very end. Thoughtful, funny, poignant and very erotic - phone sex will never seem the same again. Late Night Confessions is an erotic trilogy, a novel in three parts set over the course of a single eventful night. Sexy, humane, intelligent and revealing, it is an Arabian Nights for the twenty-first century. It is a novel about storytelling, the power of the human voice and what happens when two people talk about sex. To read it is to eavesdrop on the extraordinary intimacies and fantasies of two seemingly ordinary people and spend a night immersed in a world that is not always quite what it appears to be. As this intriguing tale unfolds in Late Night Confessions Parts I, II and III, blazing through the byways of seduction, readers will find themselves following every twist and turn and hoping, like the two protagonists, that it will never end.

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Scylla, a writer of offbeat erotica, has a number of bestselling story collections and novels, including Love Bombs and Short Tales of Exhibitionism, published by Sizzler Editions. He lives in the United Kingdom. If you haven't yet sampled Scylla's intriguing brand of erotica, now is your chance!

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