LEARNING THE ROPES [Shell Game, vol. 1] by J.J. Rose


Sarah belongs to Michael. She submits to him, both in the bedroom and out. For five years, she's shared his life.

But it wasn't always as easy as it looks. Once upon a time, Sarah Horowitz was a college freshman in Michael Shell's English class. Once upon a time, she was dreaming about her professor spanking her bare bottom. They were just harmless fantasies; they'd never come true.

Until they did. Until her twenty-first birthday. Until the first time she got spanked for real.

How did an eighteen-year-old college student turn into a twenty-six-year-old full-time submissive living with her former professor, helping to guide his college-age daughter, and navigating the tricky waters of her lover's often-capricious family?

Learning the ropes wasn't easy. It took her a long time to get it right. And Sarah made more than her share of mistakes along the way. But love finds us in the most unexpected places, and if loving Michael means that sometimes Sarah has finds herself over his knee, then she's willing to learn those lessons, too.

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Categories Submission - Male Dom - Hetero , Submission , Intoxication - Bondage & BDSM , Intoxication
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