LESBIANS IN LOVE: The Story of a New Utopia by Bo Bleu


Donna, who has grown up knowing she is attracted to women, joins the exclusive and powerful lesbian sorority "Lunate Sigma", where she receives scholarships and the promise of an important, well-paying job when she graduates.

In the sorority, Donna experiences a number of lesbian affairs - and, later, she is asked to take over training at a sorority hostel in Soweto, So. Africa, where she meets a brilliant young African woman named Sorby. Donna and Sorby are soon in love, though their varied backgrounds cause confusion and conflict. Then a violent, attempted military coup brings the two young women close together at last.

Bo Bleu's captivating novel, with apologies to Sir Tomas More's Utopia, tells how two courageous girls come to grips with adversity and find a love that keeps them strong.

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Categories Thrill , Attraction , Attraction - Lesbian
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