LIBERATION and Other Tales of Sex and Sensibility by James Williams


Master of erotica James Williams writes twisted tales of bondage and kinky sex like no one else can -- and this book of his short stories shows the true brilliance of his erotic works, covering everything from BDSM to romantic love!

Included are: Liberation; All at Sea with Master E; The Fall; Queen; Obedience; Angels Dance; Penelope Waits, and many others.

When James Williams writes about BDSM, you can feel the ropes!

Praise for Liberation and Other Tales of Sex and Sensibility

"James Williams' words feel good in the mouth to say and sound good in the ear to hear. And they get my brain wet."
-- Sybil Holiday, co-author of Consensual Sadomasochism: How to Talk About It and How to Do It Safely

"This book was worth waiting for, and is worth reading slow -- a true pleasure for any literary libertine. As I read each story, I feel like sparks are shooting from my head. James Williams electrifies all the sadomasochistic places in my soul."
-- Cecilia Tan, author of The Velderet  and publisher, Circlet Press

"...sizzling first collection of pansexual literary erotica...with a prowess for titillating gender fluidity that only Califia might match.
-- Richard Labonte, BookMarks

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