LIPSTICK AND FANGS: Memoirs of a Vampire Adventuress by Irena Candy


It is a well-known fact that the most important vampires in the world are male, good-looking, and rich. Some of them are even aristocrats. Where does that leave poor little Ellen, who started off as a half-starved kitchen maid without a cent to her name?

Living on kitchen scraps and sleeping on a cold floor, Ellen isn't against pulling up her skirts a few coins, but when two teenagers give her a potion that turns her into a blood drinker, that's carrying experimentation a little too far. Not only did they turn her into one of the undead, they stole the few rags she had on and rolled her naked body underneath a hedge. But Ellen proves that you can't keep a good vampire down!

Involved in the blood drinker's equivalent of an earn-while-you-learn program, she makes her way to London, falls into the clutches of an avaricious Madam, and finds out that men will pay for what she's got. Sharpening her fangs for the next customer, she moves on to a higher-class House of Joy and learns what men are looking for in the undead.

As she pulls herself up by the garter straps, she learns to read and write, plays dead for men who like their sex on the cold side, and takes hot baths to keep her other clients happy. She even manages to survive attempted murder, shipwreck, two marriages, and a twelve-year-old vampire Bible-thumper. If there's one thing Ellen has, it's persistence.

After she's seduced in a weak moment and buried alive by the evil vampire Adrian, she vows to track him down and get her revenge. Sexy, smart, and completely without morals, Ellen is the kind of vampire who manages to survive, no matter who's holding the stake.

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About the Author

Irena Candy was born in Los Angeles and studied Theater Arts at Los Angeles City College before finishing her college career as a Fine Arts Major at UCLA. She was a member of the well-known Hollywood free environment club, Sandstone Ranch, where the nude members were warned not to fornicate on the lawn because it upset the local news helicopters.

A dominatrix by inclination, with a collection of handcuffs, leather shackles, and old-fashioned riding crops, she lives in Northern California where she enjoys the companionship of friends with similar inclinations.

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