A Classic of Early-20th Century Erotica!

Scholars and connoisseurs of erotic literature will be thrilled to learn that this novel is available again, after languishing out of print for more than a quarter of a century. Bestselling erotic novelist M. J. Rennie hails it as, "a superb novel, a classic masterpiece of American erotica," and notes that its quality has made some historians of the genre attribute it to "legendary author F. Scott Fitzgerald, perhaps as a one-shot money maker."

Marital Confidences is the story of beautiful Nellie Rich, a young woman who learns to savor the delicious pleasures of the flesh, before finally settling down with the man who will become her beloved husband. After being introduced to the joys of sexual stimulation by her married friend, Susie Adams, Nellie embarks on an amorous career that takes her from the arms of her first love, Tom Brown, to a truly happy honeymoon with the wealthy, handsome, and amazingly virile Ned Chambers. In between, Nellie dallies with a variety of lovers, including a hotel bellboy, an aging turfman, and an accomplished sculptor named Charlie Bangs.

Not only erotic but warm-hearted and delightful, Nellie's highly personal and unusually candid account of her passionate adventures is a unique treasure that modern readers have gone too long without.

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