MASOCH’S DOMAIN by Severin Rossetti


Mira dabbles in the BDSM chatrooms online. It's only fantasy, or is it? She finds herself sucked into a new reality at the mercy of Master Masoch, doing his bidding, suffering his "punishments" and pleasures. She cannot find her way out.

Master Masoch has complete control of his domain. He is the true master and everyone does his bidding. He picks new "pets" and discards them at his pleasure and punishes at will. He has complete confidence in his power until his newest pet is stolen away by a trusted associate. Remember that "where you belong is a state of mind rather than a location in time or space."

"Severin Rossetti has written a psychological thriller a la The Twilight Zone with Masoch's Domain. His characters are sucked into a fantasy that is real, but is not, but is. He leaves you wondering if your computer and chat rooms are truly 'safe' areas or portals into another dimension. This is not a happily ever after romance, but an erotic fantasy thriller. Masoch's karma comes back on him in a big way in this one, so step into this fantasy if you dare and listen for that do do do do, do do do do." - Euro Reviews

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About the Author

Severin Rossetti was a teacher of fine art, but now works at a lesser paid job which involves less stress. At the same time that he turned from teaching fine art, he also turned from its practice - have you seen the crap that passes for fine art these days?!? - to concentrate on writing.

After many rejection slips he finally had some encouragement. "Interesting," said one editor, "but it lacks passion. Spice it up a bit." Which he did, only to be told "wow!"... "well!"... "spiced up, yes, but we can't possibly publish this!"

Fortunately, others could, with the result that his erotic stories have been published in the UK and the USA in various magazines and anthologies. Rossetti's novels and short story collections have also been published in the US by Sizzler Editions, and are available from major retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and others.

Categories Thrill , Submission , Encounter - Paranormal & Supernatural , Encounter
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