MASTERING MARY SUE: An Erotic Classic by Anonymous


The Enduring Modern Bondage Classic!

He married Mary Sue for her beauty, her sexual appetite and prowess, but when she inherited a small fortune, he gladly entered into an agreement with Mary Sue's mother to have his wife declared incompetent; to have himself appointed her legal guardian. The plan seemed foolproof. His sadistic college roommate, Rolfe Palmer, was a respected psychologist at a prestigious private school.

Palmer, for a fee and the pleasure of Mary Sue's body, would professionally declare Mary Sue insane, have her confined in a secluded sanitarium which he would establish, and Mary Sue would become a mindless slave while her loving husband and mother enjoyed her fortune. It was all so simple, or was it? Perhaps they hadn't understood Mary Sue as well as they thought?

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Categories Liberation - Erotic Classics, Historical Fiction & Memoir 1920s-1980s , Vintage , Submission - Male Dom - Hetero , Submission - Kink, Fetish & Taboo , Submission
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