MAXED OUT by Bo Bleu


Recently married Lilly Merchinsen did not foresee the emotional entanglements she would face when she found a job as a novice model at the Piquot Studio: all she knew was that they couldn't pay all their bills, their car was about to be repossessed and their credit cards were maxed out!

Mrs. Piquot, a co-worker at the Zenith Company where they were both employed, led her down the primrose path and between the sheets for Lilly’s first lesbian experience. With Mrs. Piquot's backing, Lily rose quickly to the top, and the money flowed in - but only if she cooperated sexually with the company's male boss who had very kinky habits of his own.

But when she put her foot down, Lilly lost her husband and her job - but she gained something more valuable: she "came out" to herself and admitted she had always been attracted to women.  Then a new agency showed an interest in her as a model and her efforts to gain freedom seemed at last about to be realized.

Only Bo Bleu could have written this story about lesbians in the fast, greedy, world of business and the young girls who fall prey to their employers like ‘birds in a gilded cage’.

Will beautiful Lilly survive? It isn’t over until the last paragraph!

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Categories Attraction , Attraction - Lesbian
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