MEMOIRS OF A SEX SLAVE: The Confessions of a Submissive Woman by billierosie


Billierosie rocked the BDSM world with her collection, Fetish Worship, and she proves just how good she can be - if not better - in her new novel: Memoirs of a Sex Slave: The Confessions of a Submissive Woman.

As the author says, "I know people who have had their lives changed for the better, when they finally embraced their fetish."

...and with this, her wonderful new novel, she gives us a close look inside this change -- and the desires which catalyze it..

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About the Author

People fascinate billierosie. What makes them tick; what are their secrets and lies? The effete guy in the bank; the blonde lady shopping in the supermarket; the elderly lady living in a care home. What stories could they tell? Perhaps erotic stories of sex, intrigue and fetish?

And fetish is high on billierosie’s agenda. The strange, haunting stuff that informs our darkest desires. It could be fur or feathers. Shoes, silk stockings, or toes. Poop or pee. If we made a list it would go on forever.

billierosie has been writing erotica for about two years; she has been published by Oysters and Chocolate, The Wedding Dress. She has also been published by Sizzler in the anthology Pirate Booty and in the Sherlock Holmes anthology, My Love of all that is Bizarre. She is in Sizzler’s latest anthology; Hunger, and she has been accepted for a new anthology to be published later this year by Sizzler, Erotic Tales of London Town.

She has two novellas, both published by Sizzler Editions in 2012. They are available now: Memoirs of a Sex Slave and Enslaving Eli. And not forgetting her very first publication, Fetish Worship, a collection short stories of erotica and fetish.

billierosie lives in a pretty village in England. She doesn’t fit with village life; certainly not the Women’s Institute. billierosie loves the theatre, Art, film, books and all things eccentric. billierosie plans to have fun and stay young, writing pornography.

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