MEN IN BLACK by Terry R. Vidal


As a writer for such gay magazines as Manifest Reader, Honcho, and Inches, old-school leather lover Terry R. Vidal honed his skills in telling dark, noirish tales of intense man-on-man BDSM and sex. Here, some of Vidal's hardest and most intense leather stories are collected for the first time.

In "Highway 101," a professional gambler steals a rival gangster's slave boy -- along with a pile of ill-gotten cash. In "Down for the Count," two college wrestlers struggle for ultimate dominance, with one craving victory in defeat. "Broken and Entered" and "Resisting" depict intense scenes of crime and humiliation, and in "Minnesota Strip," a fleeing rent boy gets tracked and shackled by a biker-for-hire who loves nothing more than making runaways pay.

With "Shore Leave," a sailor on leave and horny as hell finds his darkest desires on order in a leather bar -- only to discover a few of his "homophobic" shipmates secretly share his cravings. "Hard Labor" sees a tough guy getting way more than he bargained for in a forced abduction scene, and "Deck Hand" features a straight college boy who thinks he can put one over on the owner of a high-class yacht -- only to become the kind of pirate's slave that makes his cock hard.

"The Cage" features a leatherman who just can't resist a kidnap when his best friend loans him his caged boyslave. And "The King" shows how the briefest encounters with one's past - in this case, with a badass leather biker on the run from the law - can have dramatic consequences.

Gay erotica doesn't get any hotter than this! Step into the hard and fast world of Terry R. Vidal's erotica and you'll find yourself turned on like you've never been before!

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