MIDNIGHT DELIGHTS: Dark Erotic Fantasies by “Carmine”


Carmine's First-Ever Collection of Erotica!

One of the hottest new writers of dark, erotic fantasy, Carmine's work has appeared in dozens of e-zines and erotic websites such as Ruthie's Club, Bedroom Chronicles, Voracity Beat, SauceBox, A Dark Whisper, Adult Story Corner, Heated Rush, BDSM Library, BDSM Café, BDSM Palace, Scared Naked, Amoret, Kristydoll's BDSM Ezine, Blue Erotica, Lair of the Shebitch, Blood Moon Zine, Blue Food, The Emerald Collection, Mind Caviar, Ophelia's Muse, Shadow of the Marquis, and Abby's Realm.

Now you can read the stories the internet has been raving about in this sizzling collection of tales. You will meet a gathering of the darkest, most seductive creatures imaginable: vampires, witches, shapeshifters, and other midnight delights. Among the stories included in this book are reader favorites like "Hellfire Manor," "Lady Filth," "Dawn's Ashes," "Lessons of the Beast." "The Jesuit and the Succubus," "Voodoo," "Inner Beast," and more. If you like a thrill and a scare with your erotica, if you dream of Dracula bending over your half-conscious form, then you will love the exciting, shadowy world Carmine paints in prose.

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