They called her "Mistress" and she made them pay for everything men had ever done to women: paying in cash as well as in pain! Then officer Larry Schmidt, a veteran LAPD police officer, meets Chet and Lance, two men who have been visiting a woman therapist and wear the marks of their therapy - a bruised buttock, swollen gonads and a torn nipple - like a medal of honor.

Obsessed with the therapist, known as Mistress Sonya, Larry agrees when she contacts him and insists on meeting him under her own terms. They join her in a hotel where he blindfolds himself, handcuffs himself to the bed and experiences first hand her kind of therapy - but to his dismay afterward, he still doesn't discover who she is but he is intrigued by how sexually intense Mistress Sonya's therapy is.

Mistress Sonya mysteriously decides to meet him again under the same circumstances, but before she leaves she makes him an offer to reveal her identity if he will consent to exploring the needs she has helped him discover deep inside of himself. She also makes it clear that she doesn't want him as a client but as a soul mate.

Photo: Thomas Hodges.

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