MISTRESS MARGOT: A Tale of Sapphic Enslavement by Susanna Valent


The lesbian James Bond takes on ecopolluters in this wild new novel of lesbian B&D from the bestselling author of Pirate Queen!

Margot is a top agent for a secret organization sworn to prevent ecological disasters. From her ultramodern spy ship disguised as a yacht, she works with an elite team to block the clandestine plots of business and governments to exploit and destroy the environment for profit.

Jasmin is an oil cartel assassin, assigned to remove statesmen and private citizens who seek to block the cartel's plans. When Margot kidnaps Jasmin to uncover the secret of the cartel's newest operation, Jasmin discovers that Margot's not only a secret agent, she is also a domme. Soon Jasmin finds herself a willing slave, being trained to betray the cartel.

Enter Sonya, Margot's former lover, a secret agent working for an unnamed Scandinavian country, who keeps a harem of lesbian slaves at her Swiss chalet. When Margot sends Jasmin to spy on Sonya. Which domme will Jasmin obey? And what will happen if all three women meet at the same time?

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About the Author

Susanna Valent is a native New Yorker, former military officer, and college instructor living in Florida with her spouse and three dogs. She enjoys travel, reading, arguing politics and writing!

Her published work includes more than a dozen works of lesbian erotic fiction, as well as scholarly non-fiction.

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