MISTRESS: The Awakening of a Soul by Lady Blade


Lady Blades' Books are "Exceptional!" says Fallen Angel Reviews!

Readers who have come to expect romantic BDSM with style and depth from Lady Blade, won't be disappointed by her newest book.

Mistress Harley Jace, looking for peace, tranquility and a renewing of her spirit, travels to a privately owned BDSM resort in the South Pacific: there Harley hopes to re-awaken the joy she once felt as a dominatrix enforcing her will on another. Instead she finds something much more in the form of a man with no memory of his past ... a man that has been beaten, tortured and by the sounds of him driven deep into a world of dark insanity...

With care and time she manages to bring him back from the dark world of his own making - but will he submit to her? Can he forget about the tortures he suffered and find happiness as her slave? Can she find it within herself to dominate him and once more find pleasure in the submission of another?

As Fallen Angels said of Lady Blade's Hostage, "Lady Blade has penned a terrific BDSM thriller that has it all; amazing characters, an intriguing plot, and some very erotic scenes. This reviewer found it to be a refreshing change to read about a woman who is the dominant in a BDSM story. Lady Blade does an excellent job creating a very strong and controlling woman character. [She writes] a perfectly crafted BDSM story that will leave the reader hooked until the very end."

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